Client Testimonials

Ilka recommends Greg Wang

I found Greg Wang through the Dave Ramsey ELP website when I needed a realtor in another state to help me sell my Dad’s house, who had passed away. I received 3 ELP responses but felt Greg would know my Dad’s neighborhood best. Greg was a God send. He arranged for all the clean up and painting and work that needed to prepare the house to be sold. He lifted a great burden from my shoulders. I felt I was always well informed. Greg was very respectful that my siblings wanted to make smart decisions even during an emotional time. He is an expert in pricing and negotiating. He is a clear communicator. His level of service and integrity are unparalleled. Greg Wang is the only way to go in Real Estate. Thank you Greg. You are a blessing to the industry.

Jerry Chen recommends Greg Wang

I bought a house from Greg (my agent) this Summer and he is not only helping me get the house close on time and also help to negotiate my remodeling with the contractor for best deal. I feel so comfortable to let him handle everything while I am on vacation for family trip this Summer. Great supports and very professional. Thanks a lot Greg.

Craig Norris recommends Greg Wang

We listed out home with Greg and he sold it in 3 days for more than the asking price. Exceptional professionalism along the way. What more can I say?

Norma Uhrowczik recommends Greg Wang

Excellent realtor. Years after he did some r-e exchanges for me, he was still very helpful when problems arised. I will do business with him anytime. 
Norma Uhrowczik

Abraham recommends Greg Wang

I listed my home with Greg Wang at Realty World about three months ago. Today I am a satisfied customer. Greg has an extremely personal but professional style working with clients. He was reassuring and confident that he would succeed with the sale timely. I appreciated his assistance with preparation prior to listing. He knew exactly what was required to attract buyers. It worked. I recommend Greg ‘ s expertise and knowledge for seller or buyer. I’m so happy I could count on his advice and guidance. I’m so happy I listed with Realty World.

Mike Ling  recommends Greg Wang

Very professional, work hard on the deal. Always seek workaround to reach satisfaction among various parties. Very detail and broad knowledge of house related tasks. Never need to ask around to find the solutions or answers. Just ask Greg. He delivers and satisfy my family need.

Kevon recommends Greg Wang

Greg’s passion, skills, and character blew me away. I’ve never been more pleased working with a realtor/broker. I am thrilled to recommend Greg to friends and family.

Rocky Li recommends Greg Wang

Greg replied phone calls, text, emails promptly, which is actually rare from my many years of experiences in this industry. The transactions I had with Greg are definitely the smoothest ones. He put in the time and effort to make sure every small detail being taken care of. 

It is also evident to me that Greg has lots of experiences with many aspects with real estate. To him there are not many surprises, because he has seen them all. One of the important side benefits of working with Greg is that I could learn a lot along the way. 

I look forward to working more with this professional, knowledgeable, and decent real estate expert.